I wasted months of my time in the beginning trying to master Twitter Marketing.

Now, Twitter is responsible for over 30% of my traffic, Ow.ly is the link shortener I use on Twitter. I use these twitter marketing tips to send traffic to my blog - build my personal brand - sell a variety of products and services.

As a blogger and business owner myself, I completely understand that you don't want to waste time or productivity, but that is what happens to most people, new Twitter users or not. This isn’t going to help your business, and you are smart enough to know that.

However, if you let me show you the tips, techniques, and tactics that I've used to get over 50,000 Twitter followers and thousands of page views, then this is the guide you need.

What's In It For You?

Look, you can spend a few hours per day for a few months learning the in's and out's of Twitter, but who really has that kind of time? Consider the small price of this guide as a way to invest in your social media education. You'll save yourself a lot of time and frustration in the process.

This guide will teach you the in's and outs of gaining expert status in your niche or brand.

You'll learn how to create a powerful profile that people will not only want to follow, but emulate. You will have people beating down your door to be part of your group.

Without My Guide, your only option is trial and error, which can be costly. The last thing you want to do is send out one wrong tweet that has people dropping you off their list like crazy.

I've been there and it is a terrible feeling!

You won't have to worry about that, because My Guide  will teach you how to measure exactly what works and what doesn't. You'll learn how to sell yourself without sounding like it and the best part is, you can set 80% on autopilot.

It doesn't matter if you sell a service, affiliate products, or are just trying to build up a reputable blog...My Guide will work for you.  

It's Time To Get Real About The Reason Why You're Using Twitter and Get Ready To See Some Real Results!

Understand, I am NO Expert! BUT…

I found the strategies that WORK, They work for me Everyday!

Below is a snap shot of my Twitter Grader and my Blog’s Alexa score.

When You Follow My Strategies You Will See That Getting Started With Twitter is SIMPLE...

But You Need To Understand A Few Things First...

You have probably heard the stories of people making money via Twitter, but maybe you're not sure how to do it. Or maybe you know the basics of Twitter, but are struggling after seeing all these new Twitter tools, applications and hearing how easy it is. Am I right?

Well if that sounds like you, then buckle your seatbelt because this will be the most important letter you ever read.

How would you like a step by step guide that takes you by the hand and shows you the exact strategies that I use everyday, to generate thousands of visitors to my websites daily & make money using Twitter?

Well that is what I have created for you.

The ONLY Twitter Guide You Will Ever Need...

A Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Guide
On How To Profit from Twitter.

I have spent over 5 months researching & putting together this step-by-step blueprint which will show you every little trick & technique to attracting targeted traffic and exploding your online business.

YES! Internet marketers and bloggers using my techniques have started to get targeted traffic and made money within their first 30 days using what I teach.

Let Me Ask You A Question, and Answer Honestly...

Would you like to be able to push a button, and instantly get 300+ laser targeted visitors to YOUR website?

What would that do for your business?

Well if you answered YES to the above & you would like to have a step by step guide on exactly how YOU can do that over and over again by using Twitter, then chances are, I can show you how to do that.

“Explode Your Online Business or
Blog Starting Today With Twitter”

Imagine, 30 days from now, you have thousands of people following you on Twitter, who all respect you and value what you have to say.

Imagine thousands of people recognize your name or your business name, and regularly visit your website or blog.

Imagine making a 'tweet' (post on twitter) and instantly, hundreds of people go to YOUR website and buy what you are selling, or fill out your affiliate offers, making you money instantly!

Imagine being able to build your email list at lightning speed, and then monetizing that list to make constant money from it, because the people on your list now respect & trust you.

Well this is Exactly what will happen to you when you implement my Twitter Dummy marketing techniques.

There Is A Massive Amount of Traffic On Twitter That You Can Attract To Your Blog or Website - Let Me Show You How...

Here's What You Will Learn Inside Twitter Dummy…

What I go through in Twitter Dummy is way beyond what you may have learned before. This incredible Guide is your ticket to success as long as you follow and implement everything that we teach you. So, are you ready to see exactly what's inside?

Learn my Simple Secrets you need to know before you ever think of starting a Twitter account

Do you know that having the wrong background or profile information will put a stop to your twitter success? I’ll show you why and how.

I will share my secret tool I use daily to keep Twitter on my desktop, that allows you to keep up with your account in a few short minutes a day.

How using my list of Twitter directories will get your Twitter page found and bring a stream of new followers daily.

Learn a hot tool that I use to follow people, un-follow people and schedule tweets - I use it to manage multiple accounts. I set it and walk away, and it keeps working for me.

Learn why you should un-follow people that are not following you. I tell you how to easily do it – and why it’s a must…

How I use Twitter to drive 200 – 500 clicks a day to my blog and website.

Twitter marketing works, I share what I do that has worked for 12 months and will continue to work for years to come.

I will reveal how I can have you making $5 - $10 a day on Twitter starting TODAY!

See why building a community around your followers will make them want to buy from you

And Much Much More!

With ALL this information and a few simple step-by-step instructions you are going to be able to put out a Explosive Twitter system, and skyrocket your profits.

These Methods Are Very Profitable. By Following The Techniques & Strategies I Share, You Can Generate Huge Amount of FREE Targeted Traffic that will Make You More Money, While you Build Your Credibility & Presence Online...

I just wanted to let you know my personal experience working with John Paul and the strategies he talks about in the Twitter Dummy Guide. I was a complete newbie on twitter. I didn’t now what a tweet was or a re-tweet. But I quickly learned all that reading thru Twitter Dummy and now I’m like a twitter rockstar, it is so cool. Below is some of my stats so far”…

Here’s a shot of my Stats on twitter counter.com for last 3 months that I have been working with John Paul...

As you can see I went from about 4500 to about 15,500 in 3 months”. “Just wanted to share my results and show my support for all the help John Paul has been, he is Awesome and reall really patient, I’m sure I drove him crazy with all my questions. If you allways wanted to know how to REALLY use tywitter then working with JP and Twitter Dummy is something you need to do right now!!” – @Reana Sousa

I'm so confident you're going to love Twitter Dummy, it's backed by my 30 Day Guarantee...

So What Have You Got To Lose?

Let's face it, an opportunity like this to get your hands on a step-by-step blueprint for cashing in on Twitter, doesn't come around very often!  

Think About This, in The Next 30 Days You Could Be Attracting 5 Times The Targeted Traffic You Are Currently Recieving, Just By Following Twitter Dummy’s Marketing Techniques...

The crazy reality of the situation is that as of this moment, you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving this a Go!. Here's the bottom line, I know what I’m talking about and I know how to teach YOU how to market on Twitter to get you a lot more targeted traffic and more money in your online business then you are right now.

“I Know You’re Thinking, “Will I Be
Able To Afford The Twitter Dummy?”

First of all you need to understand, that this isn't going to work for you if you just pick up a copy and just leave it there. Ownership alone isn't going to make you money. But what makes Twitter Dummy such a remarkable guide, is that if you're successful in getting a hold of a copy, and you simply follow the simple instructions, then there is no reason why you shouldn't replicate my success…Or Go Past Me!

So How Much Should A Guide Like This Cost?

Well, the potential targeted traffic and income you can make after learning my secret Twitter marketing strategies is literally endless. Endless FREE Targeted Leads will be yours after you study the techniques I teach you inside this guide!  

“So What's The Price?  Tell Me Already!”

OK, So when I started looking around for what other “Twitter Guide’s” were charging, I found the average price was about  $45 - $70.00 

Some were even charging OVER $90… Which Is Crazy!

Since I am here to help people, the help I never had when I started out on Twitter, I wanted to allow as many people as possible to get access to Twitter Dummy, so…

I Decided to Let People Get Access
to Twitter Dummy for Only $19!

PLUS!  As My Personal Thank You For Picking Up Twitter Dummy, I Am Offering You Two Very Cool FREE Bonuses… 

It's super important to choose the right background or template for your Twitter page. Get this wrong and you can forget building a large and active following on Twitter. These templates are designed to be the perfect starting point for anyone just setting up their profile on Twitter.

Twitter success starts with getting your Twitter page set up right.

Let me show you how to...

Find the best Twitter name for you

Choose the right background that attracts followers to you.

How to write a profile that gets you Targeted followers

Get on the first page of Google with my super secret SEO tips

So What Are You Waiting For?

Take action now and get your copy of Twitter Dummy today! You will get instant access to the ebook and all the bonuses so you can start making the most of Twitter in your business now...


Grab your copy of Twitter Dummy now by clicking the Add to Cart button below. Here's a reminder of some of what you'll get instant access to...

My Simple Secrets you need to know before you ever think of starting a Twitter account

My secret tool I use daily to keep Twitter on my desktop, that allows you to keep up with your account in a few short minutes a day.

The Super Hot tool that I use to follow people, un-follow people and schedule tweets - I use it to manage multiple accounts. I set it and walk away, and it keeps working for me.

How I use Twitter to drive 200 – 500 clicks a day to my blog and website.

How to start making $5 - $10 a day on Twitter starting TODAY!

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Purchase the guide by the Add to Cart button above. You will then be taken to the payment page to purchase through PayPal. PayPal is a trusted transaction facility and uses the world’s most advanced proprietary fraud prevention systems. After payment you will be sent an email with a location to download the guide and the bonuses. You will need an unzip program like  WinZip  and  Adobe Reader to view the PDF guide (both are free downloads).


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